Baby Play Ideas

Hello all you lovely people out there. This is my very first blog post so please bear with me while I get a hang of this blog writing business. My husband is an I.T engineer so you’d think I’d have a handle on it… but in reality most of the things he can do, go straight over my head.

As an early years practitioner I have been exposed to many creative activities to support children’s development. One of the best parts of the job is setting up creative play activities that support development and  engage the children.

At the nursery I worked with children aged 2-4. I haven’t worked in a baby unit. As a Mum I have to say, I was a bit clueless about activities to do with a baby.  I turned to google. I found lots of activities to do with babies once they are 6 months+ but not much for 0-6 months.

In my search for inspiring baby activities I came across a blog series about Baby Play being hosted by Squiggles and Bubbles.

Each month of 2017, Squiggles and Bubbles, along with several other bloggers, will be sharing baby play ideas, following a different theme each month.

The Squiggles and Bubbles Baby Play series inspired me to follow along and I was invited to share my interpretation of the theme via Facebook and Instagram as I did not have a blog at the time, so now I do.

January’s Theme was Play Spaces so in this post I am going to share the play space I created for Jen.


At the time of this theme, Jen was only 6 weeks old so I wanted to create a space that was suitable for her age.


I used her baby gym as a soft space for her to lay. I placed the hanging mirror directly above Jen and I put tissue paper under her feet. As Jen kicked, she seemed to enjoy the noise it made. She also had rattles on her feet for added sound effects.

Around the edge of the baby gym I placed colourful soft toys for Jen to see and feel. I remembered a high contrast triangle I had seen on Pinterest that was posted by Handmade Kids art. I hand made mine with white paper and a marker but HMKA blog page also has a super convenient link to get a free printable – Handmade Kids Art – High contrast Triangle

My hand drawn version can be seen in the picture below.


We have used this play space over and over, adding new objects as Jen grows. Below is Jen at 11 weeks, loving looking at herself in the mirror.


Unfortunately Jen was feeling a bit under the weather during February’s theme of Heuristic Play so my next ‘Playful Baby’ post will be based on the March ‘Sensory’ Theme, but for some ideas on heuristic play, check out Squiggles and Bubbles’ post ‘A year of Playful Baby Ideas’ which can be found here  –

I’d love to see your baby play ideas on Facebook or Instagram just add #playfulbabychallenge @squigglesandbubbles @loving_naturally @squishelsandme @mummy_loz  @xoxo_beautiful_chaos_xoxo


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