The benefits of reading to your baby



Welcome back, here we are with another addition to the playful baby series. June is all about books!

What is the best age to start reading to a baby?

It is never too early to start reading to your baby. Research shows that even in the womb, babies recognise their mothers voice and reading to them and talking to them helps them to make attachments quicker once born.

What are the benefits of reading to a baby?

As well as being a wonderful bonding experience, enjoying books from an early age is shown to increase communication skills.

Research shows that children that are read to frequently have a larger vocabulary by age two than those that are not read to.

Books can be a super resource to introduce colours, numbers, textures and knowledge of the world in a fun way, giving children a chance to point, touch, ask and answer questions.

Reading builds listening and memory skills. You may now know the story of The Gruffalo so well you can recite it without the book. Reading it over and over again can seem boring to adults, but not to your child.

When you read aloud, you use different tones, expressions and vocabulary. This supports your child’s social development and gives your child the opportunity to imitate sounds and expressions.

Life with a baby can be hectic, how do I make time for a story

Picking a time to read and building it in to the daily routine is the easiest way to fit in a book (or ten if your children use story time as an excuse to stay awake longer like mine do) everyday.

For us, story time is part of our bedtime routine. With my older children it is stories such as ‘The Dinosaur that pooped the Planet’ and ‘Gangsta Granny’. Now they are older we do not tend to read the same book over and over (except the above mentioned dinosaur story as poop never ceases to be funny to my boys).

My eldest loves nothing more than reading to his baby sister and Jen absolutely loves it.


Jen is now 6 months old and has reached the stage in her development in which she notices when people act differently and will react to it, usually with a smile or giggle.


This is the perfect time to use silly voices and pull funny faces, what better way to do this than during a story. Our favourite story at the moment is ‘Guess how much I love you’

How do you fit reading in to your routine and what are your favourite books to read to your little ones?

This month we are giving away a Grimm’s Peg Doll in Small Cave. All you have to do is share how your baby reads or plays with books on Instagram (#playfulbabychallenge @squigglesandbubbles @loving_naturally @squishelsandme @mummy_loz @xoxo_beautiful_chaos_xoxo) or on Squiggles and Bubbles’ Facebook Page before the 15th of July 2017, for all the fine print click here.

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