Baby’s first ocean discovery basket


For this activity I used:


  • a basket
  • Sea shells
  • Sea creature toys
  • blue tissue paper
  • shiny wrapping paper (mermaid paper I bought from Card Factory)


I was surprised how much Jen enjoyed this activity the first time I set it up. Jen was just 9 months old in the pictures below but this is an activity she goes back to quite often. Jen’s first exploration of the basket lasted for 40 minutes, quite a large amount of time for a baby to stay engaged in an activity.



This basket encouraged beautiful open ended play. Jen Loved exploring the contents of the basket one by one.



A look of pure concentration came across her face as she passed each item between her hands and up to her mouth.


Jen then discovered the sound created by two shells meeting and proudly repeated the effect over and over.



After observing everything closely, Jen enjoyed putting them in and out of the basket whilst babbling to each object.


This is a beautiful activity to watch Jen explore independently.




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