A new strawberry bed

Now that the onions are out I have tried to improve one raised bed and planted strawberries and some flowering perennials

If you have been following along you will know that we just filled our raised beds with normal soil. Now I am going to try and improve the soil one by one as they are emptied. I have started with one of the onion beds. With the help of the kids we dug out a generous layer of soil and put in a layer of straw. Not to thick. Than the soil came back on that and the top is covered with a layer of straw again.

I had some strawberries on spots where de dogs can excess them, so we dug these out and planted them in this bed, spreading out the runners nicely. In the middle I added some beautiful flowering perennials. For now this is finished, but there is some more space for strawberries we will ad later, after the runners we fixed in some pots have rooted well.

Swallowtail caterpillar and some other fun things

We got at least 7 swallowtail caterpillars in our dill. Hugging carrots. Pumpkin growing out of the garden and some nice pictures.

All of a sudden I found caterpillars in the dill. The better I looked the more I found. It is here where I took the picture of the swallowtail butterfly. Apparently I caught it laying its eggs. The caterpillars are beautiful and I hope all make it to become an even more beautiful butterfly.

I was harvesting runner beans when I found this latecomer.

And the kids found these hugging carrots.

The pumpkin takes over everything, even our sawmill.

Just because it is so pretty, an anemone flower.

And then I found something strange and yellow in the garden. After looking in the internet, it should be witch butter.

To end this post a nice picture of the moon in the dusk.

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