Children’s playground for winter

A place for our Children to play outside despite harsh wind

Our new planted food forest needs a few years to grow before it will give any protection against the harsh winds we have here, so we needed to do something so our children can play outside protected against the worst of the wind.

Straw bales

So we have decided to turn this pile of straw into a sort of protective fencing.

The first corner with straw bales

We chose a spot direct beside the playtent of the children and beside the caravan. This spot is also already some what protected by a large stone building, so we only needed to close 3 sides with the straw bales.

Putting down a straw bale

We used the Tractor with front end loader to put the straw bales in place.

2 sides closed

After closing two sides we brought a few tractor buckets of sand to make a hill in the middle. Our children love to play with sand.

Sand hill and last side closed

After that we closed the last side leaving a small hole where we can walk trough.

We finished this project just in time, because that night we had a snow storm.  The branches standing up are “trees” our oldest planted. He makes his own “food forest”.