Checking on my Potatoes

A number of potatoes are rotting

When I went to get some potatoes for a meal I noticed some are rotting, so I took some time to check on all of the potatoes I had harvested and stored last year.

It took some time to really take every potato in my hand and sort all of the bad ones out. I ended up with half a bucked full of rotting potatoes.

I know it is normal that some potatoes in storage turn bad over time and I know my storage is not ideal. Therefore I am very happy that I still have potatoes to eat from and did not have to trough everything out jet. This is what we still have in storage.

We had a very cold period with up to -20°C and it became almost to freezing point in our barn, which is not very good for the potatoes. What I am noticing when I prepare the potatoes for a meal that many are somewhat gray on the inside. They should be a nice yellow colour. The first time I noticed this I did not think anything of it, but then my children and husband hardly ate from the potatoes. The potatoes had a dirty taste, as if you are eating the soil it self. Ever since I trough away such potatoes, but I do not know what causes the potatoes to turn like this. Maybe the cold, but then I would expect all of the potatoes to have turned bad. If anyone has an idea what could have caused this, I would be happy for a comment.