We had snow today

Early in the morning it started to snow and this was the result after breakfast

It may not look like much, but it is enough that it needs to be cleared away where we walk and drive. And of course it was enough for our children to play with.

Here are just some impressions of the beauty of snowy landscapes.

Flowers despite the cold and a few night frosts

Beautiful pictures of the little bit of colour left in the garden/ nature

Despite the cold wetter of days with no more then 5°C and also several night frosts, I am surprised to see that we still have flowers blooming all over our property. Some are planted; some are put there by nature.

Partly I know the plants can withstand a bit of frost, but for other plants I am pleasantly surprised and enjoy the flowers every day.

Of course the rosehips are no flowers, but they bring some nice colour in the often very colourless time of year.

I could not go by the kale without a picture. The kale tastes good, looks nice and will withstand the frost that is expected for next week.

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