Part 4 in starting for our food forest

Planting the first fruit bearing trees

This was a lot of work. We planted the trees with the help of our children, which had a lot of fun, then watered the trees and mulched them with straw. The straw should keep the moisture in the ground and will ad nutrients over time.

We have planted a lot of trees and bushes. The following list is what we have purchased to divide on our over 2 acres property.

Plantings autumn 2021

60 pcs of Sweet Chestnuts

20 pcs of Wild Pears

20 pcs of Hazelnut

40 pcs of Potato Roses

20 pcs of Dog Roses

Sweet Chestnuts

These plants where recommended to us by our local environmental government. Apparently there is not much that would grow on our open, very windy, but also very sunny (the sun burns in summer) property.

Not only did we plant along our fencing, but we also planted a few rows of trees and bushes on different positions across our property. The mean reason for planting so many trees and bushes is to get the wind out of our property. Hopefully these plants will be the start for a better micro-climate on our property. Once these trees have settled and grown we can start thinking about planting more useful plants and trees.

Also we had already purchased fruit trees last year, but we just had not found the right spot for them jet. Now we had decided on a protected spot near our pond and planted our 7 fruit trees

3 pcs of Pear Trees

2 pcs of Apple Trees

A Cherry Tree

A Peaches Tree

Our new windfall meadow

There are already 4 larger apple trees on our property. Last year they were full of apples, so we had apple cider made out of the apples ( we still have some left). This year there were no apples. We hope to have an abundance again next year.

Next thing on our list is to plant the oak trees we have grown from seed our selves. We plan to plant the oak trees along our dead wood hedge.

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