Spring is progressing

Even the insects show themselves again

Since my last post about the spring we had some nice and sunny days, so the crocuses have opened up there flowers to invite the insects. We have found some bees to be very busy with the crocuses. The peony sticks its tips just out of the ground. I just love the flowers of the peony. The strawberry plants are showing some beginning of new growth. I even found one single dandelion. Last year we had a pair of coots nesting in our pond and apparently one coot has already returned. We had found it swimming and eating in our pond and I am very happy it did not fly of when our dogs came closer. Other than that some plants are already showing signs of the coming leaves. Here are some impressions of what I have found on our property.

Author: beautifulchaosorg

Hi, I am Carolien and I am a Dutch woman trying to build a self sufficient homestead on concrete and rubble. Follow my husband and me on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@straverhomestead9667

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