Starting plantlets from seed in doors

I started sowing

It is still a bit early for our region, but I have sowed the first vegetables and herbs inside the house. When the wetter is getting better I find it difficult to wait. I have a small indoor greenhouse and had seen by some one else who used empty milk cartons to sow in. I have used a few of those as well. They fit wonderfully on my small windowsills. I don’t have any seed soil, so I used regular plant soil.

Divide a good layer of soil in the trays, sow and cover with a thin or a thicker layer of soil depending on what was sown. Don’t forget to water carefully and mark what was sown where.

I have sown following:

  • Paprika Kapiya Vertus
  • Eggplant Violetta Lunga
  • Flat leaf Parsley
  • Tomato Gardeners Delight
  • Celery Porthos
  • Celery root Wiener Riesen
  • Real Chamomile
  • Chili De Cayenne
  • Pick lettuce
  • Romaine lettuce
  • Tomato Marmande
  • Wilde Rocket
  • Bush Basil
  • Sage

I have sown ratter dense, so that will be tricky to transplant. Unfortunately I do not have the space to do it differently. I hope the wetter will be useful soon, so I can transplant some of the plants outdoors under a cover, but first we will wait and see if anything germinates, which can take up to 3 weeks for some plants. Mean while it is important to make sure the soil will not dry out.

After 3 days the lettuce and the bush basil already have germinated. I took the milk cartons from the window sills to the table beside the small indoor greenhouse, because I think it is to cold at the window. A window is a cold bridge and it is still very cold outside.

Author: beautifulchaosorg

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