We took out a blackberry patch

It was mainly bare and hat only little life in it

We had a big and broad patch of wild growing blackberries. We hat left this for the birds and as a winter resting place for the hedgehog. Now this blackberry patch is bare on the inside with only little life on the outer branches. There are now birds nesting in it and the winter is over long enough that the hedgehog is active again, so we decided to take the blackberries out. Luckily we have a big flail mower which can do that.

Not quite finishing our Tiny House

We never finished the kitchen, but we want to sell our Tiny House and move

It has been a wile since I wrote about our Tiny House. I wanted to finish the series with a Post about finishing the Tiny House by finishing the kitchen. Unfortunately we never got around to that and now we are trying to sell the Tiny House, because we want to move to Denmark.

So in the last Post we laid the floor (Our Tiny House. Part 4. Working on the inside). Before we could do that we had build in the basic construction of the kitchen and that is where we are starting on now.

We have this old kitchen cabinet from Ikea and made it prettier with some life edge Larchwood plank and hang it on the wall. Beside this we attached a Larchwood plank on the wall to put our backing oven on. The chain on the left is holding up that point of the plank and gives a nice decorative touch.

The next thing is a sink with a tap, so we can actually start using the kitchen. We bought a camping set with a small sink, a tap, a 12 Volt water pump with a 12 Volt power supply, a water and a gray water canister and the piping. The installation was easy. A hole for the sink and a hole for the tap. Put everything in place and connect a power cable to the 12 Volt power supply. Shorten the pipes as needed and connect everything correctly. And I was very happy to have a working sink in the kitchen and at this point we already moved in and used the kitchen.

At the back wall in the kitchen we made a planed plank which I oiled with sunflower oil so it can be wiped of when dirty.

Next thing we added was light. We attached a LED-strip behind a trim and attached the trim underneath the cabinet and plank. For power we connected this to the 12 Volt power supply of the tap.

Then my husband made 4 drawers to put into the kitchen. The drawers are put together with glue and pin nails. After they dried we started fitting the drawers into the kitchen. The bottom drawer first and making sure to have it plum. The middle part of the kitchen got 3 drawers and they are nice big drawers that come out completely which I find very practical.

After that we never came around to fitting the last drawer, so this is the end result.

At the left is where the thinner drawer should have come and we had prepared some nice Larchwood planks to finish the drawers of with. That would have looked very good, but now we are going the sell our Tiny House, so we will not finish the kitchen anymore. Except of course when there comes a buyer who wants to keep this kitchen and wants it finished.

Dividing hay around trees and on the hill beds

We still have a lot of work until all trees have a new layer of hay or straw

Last year when we made hay but the rake was not adjusted right. Because of that our hay is extreme dusty. Therefore we will use this hay for the garden. We still have two rows of fruit trees to give a nice mulch layer around there feet, so we started with those. We rolled out a bale of hay right beside a row of fruit trees and gave these trees a nice thick layer of hay. We also gave the mulch around the trees and bushes we planted in the fall a nice fresh up. Lucky me, I had 3 small helpers.

We needed a new bale of hay for the second row of fruit trees. What was left of this bale, I used for the 3 hill beds from last year. Last fall we did 2 hill beds with hay and one hill bed with an entire bale of straw (See Post: Our late potato harvest). The strong winds blew the hay aside a little and the layer was in some places not thick enough any more. So here and there the grass grew trough the hay, but also the small left potatoes stuck up there heads here and there (the pictures are 3 weeks old). With the straw (at the right) that is not the case. The layer of straw is thick enough.

So I ripped out the grass and divided an extra layer of hay over the hill beds. After that my husband mowed around the hill beds and I divided also a thick layer of hay around the beds and at the fruit trees there. Since our move is postponed I want to plant pumpkins here and they grow long and in all directions, so it would be difficult to mow around. A big mulched surface is better for this. And the pumpkins stay cleaner this way. The bale of hay was used up and I finished around the hill beds with little square bales. This hay was still very good, but dusty hay. The colour was still fresh somewhat green. That is the difference in colour you can see on the pictures.

So happy to finish this so far. When there is some more time we need to freshen up the mulch around all of the trees and bushes we planted last fall, but for now we have to take care of the vegetable garden first.

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