Berry bushes, old potatoes and Garden pictures

Planting berry bushes, planting old sprouted potatoes on straw bales and just nice pictures from the garden

Finally we got to it to plant out currants and raspberries. They already show the start of the fruits and we have for joy for the tasty fruits that are growing.

The old potatoes from last year are sprouting in there storage.

I found it a shame to trough them away, so I planted some of them. Beside the hill beds we have a row of straw bales as wind protection. These are already rotting a little on the inside, so we put some soil on there to plant the potatoes in. I also gave the potatoes some cow manure in form of pellets and covered them with some hay. Let’s see what that does this season, because I already saw that the straw bales are collapsing a little bit.

To round up this post I have some nice pictures of the garden here.

Author: beautifulchaosorg

Hello, we are Sebastiaan & Carolien, parents of 3, with 5 dogs and 4 cats. We love our kids, animals, gardening, nature and wood working. Thanks for following along. And we would like to take you along on our beautiful chaotic journey which is called our life.

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