Garden Up-Date: Only a short tomato harvest this year

The rain and hail killed my tomatoes and more from the garden

All of a sudden I noticed that all of the tomato plants behind the greenhouse roof are dying and a lot of the tomatoes have Braun spots. I decided to clear these tomatoes out and try to save the still green but ok looking tomatoes. I put these tomatoes on a table at a window in the tiny house, hoping these would ripen. Unfortunately after a few days I noticed that most of the tomatoes turned Braun also, so I trough them in the compost. There are only 2 handfuls left. Luckily I did harvest some red tomatoes to when I cleared out the tomatoes, so I was able to make some tomato ketchup. The process of making the ketchup also gave me some tomato juice. The tomato plants inside the greenhouse roof are still ok, but the tomatoes mostly split before they are ripe.

The, everything overtaking, pumpkin is slowly dying back, but there are several ripping pumpkins on the plant. I am looking forward to try cooking new things beside soup with these.

The red beets are still looking good, but I need to get harvesting and preserving these.

The carrots are looking good, but since I have sown these ratter late they are some what small. Next year I will have to sow a lot of carrots early in the season, because the children keep snacking on them in the garden so none of the carrots I have sown had the change to grow to a descent size.

The chilli plants are doing well and have lots of chillis. I hope these will still turn red. I will have to keep an eye on the wetter. When night frost is expected I will have to harvest these even when they are still green. The paprika on the other hand is going from green to black, what I find very odd.

I will be doing my last green bean harvest of the year and harvest seeds for next year.

The leeks are doing great and the strawberry runners are ready to be planted.

The bush basil did splendid. I had these the first time this year. I just love the smell and taste of basil, but this bush basil tastes very different. Unfortunately I did not like the taste at all, so the bees where very happy with the flowers and they just look pretty and smell nice.

The cabbage outgrew the cover I had over them, so I had to loosen the cover for them to grow on.

We had some visitors lately. This beautiful caterpillar, a hedgehog and two fire belly newts.

To finish of some impressions and flowers from the garden. I even found lavender with some flowers.

Author: beautifulchaosorg

Hi, I am Carolien and I am a Dutch woman trying to build a self sufficient homestead on concrete and rubble. Follow my husband and me on YouTube:

2 thoughts on “Garden Up-Date: Only a short tomato harvest this year”

  1. Aaargh, that looks like the dreaded tomato blight . . . best not to compost the dead plants as the spores can come back next year. đŸ˜„ Everything else looks wonderful though, those leeks are amazing. Still so much colour in your garden, too, it’s all very pretty. Happy harvesting!😊

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