I actually managed to grow a water melon

I did not really expect to have my own water melon, because the season is to short here. On the other hand the sun is so intensely here that I hoped it would be possible when I plant the watermelon under the greenhouse roof and it worked. I have missed the ideal harvest time, but the water melon still was very tasty. It looks like some of the seeds inside the water melon are already sprouting and I have collected some seeds that still looked good hoping that I can use them for growing new water melons next year.

Garden Up-Date. The rain juvenate’s the garden

The roses have new growth and are blooming again and the potatoes are also making new leaves

With the drought the roses looked so sad, but all of the rain gave the roses new live and beautiful flowers.

The potatoes that had died back are partially making new leaves since the rain came. I should not take to long to get these out of the ground, because otherwise the potatoes I want to harvest will grow new and I will be left with only small potatoes.

Digging out the potatoes makes a lot of fun. With the kid’s helping it is like treasure hunting. Thanks to the thick layer of straw the potatoes are not very deep, so just scraping of the straw already reveals a lot of the potatoes and we can start collecting without digging to much. I am happily surprised that despite the drought the bottom layer of straw is already decomposing and in most beds I found earthworms. Which is a very good sign, since there where none in the soil when it was brought to us in the spring.

Unfortunately the rain also brought the slugs back. We also found small eggs in different sizes in the ground, among them eggs from slugs. I do not know from what animal these eggs are.

And because it is so pretty another anemone flower.

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