Pressure canned vegetable soup

What did I do wrong???????

In the fall I had pressure canned a few vegetable soups, with vegetables from my garden, according to the recipe I usually make. The soups taste horrible. Only the smell after heating the soup is so terrible, we did not even want to try the soup.

Only the pumpkin soup is eatable. It does not taste as good as freshly made pumpkin soup, but we can eat it. The other soups landed on the compost. It is such a shame of the work and all of the ingredients.

I do not know what I did wrong. I had watched several videos of people pressure canning vegetable soups and those soups looked appealing and the vegetables still had some colour. Did I pressure can with to much pressure? Did I pressure can a wrong ingredient? Was there still too much fat in the bone broth? I will have to find out before I try to pressure can vegetables again.

Baking bread without a regular oven

While travelling we don’t want to go without homemade bread. We have found this nice solution. An Omnia oven.

The Omnia oven is an oven for on the gas stove. I have been trying this out and it works great. The temperature right underneath the lid does not reach the temperature you would normally bake bread with, but on a higher setting the bottom of the bread will burn. After finding the right setting for the gas burner, the baking of the bread takes only a bit longer as it would in a regular oven.

Obviously the Omnia oven is not only for baking bread. It can be used for almost anything you would use a regular oven for. The size of the food is limiting. A chicken or anything like that does not fit inside, but, among other things, cookies, a cake or lasagna are possible. Things we are going to try out in the near future.

Backing waffles on the gas stove top in the caravan

On our coming journey we will not always have excess to main voltage power, but we love to eat waffles, so we bought a waffle iron we can use on the gas stove top in our caravan.

It is easy to use and we find these waffles much better then the waffles coming out of the electrical waffle iron. Both sides of the waffle iron need to be preheated and a bit greased. After putting in some batter the waffle iron needs to be closed carefully without burning yourself. After one side is finished baking the waffle iron needs to be turned, so the waffle can bake on the other sides as well.

We love to eat our waffles with some blueberry applesauce.

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