Garden Layout

I finally brought myself to make an overview of my gardens and mark out all of the different fruit trees, Berries, Herbs and other perennials I have planted. Somehow these things, on paper, always tent to disappear, so now I am posting my garden layout, so I will always find them again.

My Gardens are in line from Nord to South starting with the Orchard, then Garden 1 (which we have not set up jet), followed by Garden 2, Garden 3 and Garden 4.

Fruit trees


These where planted in the fall of 2021

  • 1: Pear “Williams Christbirne”
  • 2: Prunus avium Kordia 6. Cherry week/ Kirschwoche
  • 3: Pear “Köstliche aus Charnaux”
  • 4: Winter apple “Golden Delicious“
  • 5: Apple Tree (I do not know the variety)
  • 6: Peach/ Pfirsich “Früher Roter Ingelheimer”
  • 7: Pear “Clapps Liebling“
Layout Orchard

Following trees are divided over the gardens 2, 3 and 4 and where planted in the spring of 2022

Apple trees

  • A1: Malus “Elstar” CAC mittel
  • A2: Malus “Spartan” CAC mittel
  • A3: Malus “Pommersche Krummstriel” CAC mittel
  • A4: Malus “Gravensteiner” CAC mittel
  • A5: Malus “Roter James Grieve” CAC früh
  • A6: Malus “Purperroter Cousinot” CAC spät
  • A7: Malus “Cox Orange Renette” CAC mittel
  • A8: Malus “Weißer Klarapfel” CAC früh

Pear trees

  • B1: Pyrus com. “Conferencebirne” CAC mittel
  • B2: Pyrus com. “Clapps Liebling” CAC früh
  • B3: Pyrus com. “Gute Graue” CAC mittel
  • B4: Pyrus com. “Alexander Lucas“ CAC spät
  • B5: Pyrus com. “Köstliche von Charneu“ CAC mittel
  • B6: Pyrus com. “Gräfin von Paris“ CAC spät
  • B7: Pyrus com. “Williams Christbirne“ CAC
  • B8: Pyrus com. “Rote Williams Christ“ CAC
  • B9: Pyrus com. “Bosc’s Flaschenbirne“ CAC mittel

Plum trees

  • C1: Prunus dom. “Hauszwetsche“ CAC mittelspät
  • C2: Prunus dom. “Anna Späth“ CAC spät
  • C3: Prunus dom. “Bühler Frühzwetsche“ CAC mittelfrüh
  • C4: Prunus syr. “Von Nancy“ CAC Mirabelle
  • C5: Prunus dom. “President“ CAC spät Pflaume
  • C6: Prunus dom. “Königin Viktoria“ CAC mittelspät Pflaume
  • C7: Prunus ital. “Graf Althans Renekl.“ CAC mittel Reneklode
  • C8: Prunus dom. “Ontario“ CAC früh
  • C9: Prunus ital. “Große Grüne Renekl.“ CAC mittel
Layout Garden 2



  • R1: Kinder-Himbeere, Glen Ample (Also in the raspberry row, I just don’t know where)
  • R2: Tula Magic
  • R3: Herbsthimbeere, Autum Bliss
  • R4: Polka
  • R5: Rubus id Tulameen
  • R6: Herbsthimbeere, Zefa Herbsternte (I forgot to write this down on time and do not know which one this is)


  • J1: White Currant, Weißer Versailler
  • J2: Black Currant, Titania


  • G1: Vitis, Grape vine Idera, Yellow, only little seeds, mildew resistant
  • G2: Vitis, Grape vine Magdalena, Red, only little seeds, mildew resistant

Mulberry tree

  • M1: Mulle


  • H1: Thyme/ Thymian (brought with me from Italy)
  • H2: Oregano
  • H3: Lemon balm/ Zitronenmelisse
  • H4: After eight mint
  • H5: Sage/ Salbei
  • H6: Camomile/ Kamille


PlantsGarden 2, Plant bed
P1: Peony “Coral Sunset”IV
P2: Peony “Full Moon”
P3: Peony “Cora Louise”
P4: Hydrangea blueXII
P5: Jerusalem ArtichokeXVI
Layout Garden 3

Overwinter crop

Garden 1

  • This Garden does not exist jet

Garden 2

Plant bedCrop
IIIYellow winter onion set “Shakespear”, 2 rows
Leaving space in between two rows to sow carrots
IVSpelt/ Dinkel, First half of plant bed
VRed winter onion set “Rote Winter”, 2 rows
Leaving space in between two rows to sow carrots
VIIIGarlic rosa “Germidour”
XOnion “Snowball”, left side, 1 row
Onion “Senshyu Yellow, right side, 1 row
Leaving space in between two rows to sow carrots
XIIEmmer, First half of plant bed
XVRye/ Roggen, Front side of plant bed is a little space free for flowers
XXWheat/ Weizen, Left side
Winter hedge onion/ Winterheckenzwiebel, Right side
XXVGarlic white “Messidor”

Some side notes

  • XIII: This is the only bed that we dough. We dough in the straw that was on top the entire season, sowed green manure and put new straw on top. We want to see if this makes a difference to the other beds.
  • Green manure was sowed in the following beds: VI, VIII, XIII, XXV

Garden 3

  • I: Garlic “Ajo Spring Violeta”, 2 outher rows with space in the middle
Layout Garden 4

Garden 4

  • Still empty

Baking bread without a regular oven

While travelling we don’t want to go without homemade bread. We have found this nice solution. An Omnia oven.

The Omnia oven is an oven for on the gas stove. I have been trying this out and it works great. The temperature right underneath the lid does not reach the temperature you would normally bake bread with, but on a higher setting the bottom of the bread will burn. After finding the right setting for the gas burner, the baking of the bread takes only a bit longer as it would in a regular oven.

Obviously the Omnia oven is not only for baking bread. It can be used for almost anything you would use a regular oven for. The size of the food is limiting. A chicken or anything like that does not fit inside, but, among other things, cookies, a cake or lasagna are possible. Things we are going to try out in the near future.

Backing waffles on the gas stove top in the caravan

On our coming journey we will not always have excess to main voltage power, but we love to eat waffles, so we bought a waffle iron we can use on the gas stove top in our caravan.

It is easy to use and we find these waffles much better then the waffles coming out of the electrical waffle iron. Both sides of the waffle iron need to be preheated and a bit greased. After putting in some batter the waffle iron needs to be closed carefully without burning yourself. After one side is finished baking the waffle iron needs to be turned, so the waffle can bake on the other sides as well.

We love to eat our waffles with some blueberry applesauce.

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