I need a new pincushion

So I sowed myself a new pincushion from material I already had laying around

When I was a child in school we had to sow a pincushion by hand. I made myself a hedgehog. After many years of taking pins out and sticking them back the material is damaged, so it is time for a new one. I knew I had some felt some where which would be good for this project. I searched and found it. It is plain gray and I wanted to give the pincushion a little contrast by using yellow sewing thread, but that did not quite come out. I have lots of colorful pinheads to brighten up the gray, so that’s ok. The felt was quite thick and I could just fit it underneath my sewing machine. I could only sow the larger pieces for the top and the bottom side to the smaller side pieces with the machine. The short sides (from top to bottom) I had to sow by hand, because this did not fit underneath the sowing machine. I filled the pincushion with cotton filling and asked my two girls to take the pins out of the old pincushion and put them into the new one. With this action they damaged the old pincushion even more, but that does not matter anymore. The new pincushion is a bit boring, but it does what it should.

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