Pressure canned vegetable soup

What did I do wrong???????

In the fall I had pressure canned a few vegetable soups, with vegetables from my garden, according to the recipe I usually make. The soups taste horrible. Only the smell after heating the soup is so terrible, we did not even want to try the soup.

Only the pumpkin soup is eatable. It does not taste as good as freshly made pumpkin soup, but we can eat it. The other soups landed on the compost. It is such a shame of the work and all of the ingredients.

I do not know what I did wrong. I had watched several videos of people pressure canning vegetable soups and those soups looked appealing and the vegetables still had some colour. Did I pressure can with to much pressure? Did I pressure can a wrong ingredient? Was there still too much fat in the bone broth? I will have to find out before I try to pressure can vegetables again.

Saving the last of my vegetables out of my garden and putting them to good use

In addition to harvesting and getting the harvest pressure canned, I also urgently needed to plant the garlic for next year

When we came back from our holiday we had snow and it was cold. I was worried that my red beets (which I did not manage to harvest all before we left) would freeze and I could not use them any more. Therefore the first thing I did was harvest all of the red beets and processed them with the pressure canner to shelf stable soup.

Next thing was to pull out all of the carrots, root celery, root parsley and leeks. Harvesting is fun, so I had 3 little helpers.

Besides using some of the vegetables fresh I also pressure canned vegetable soup (all vegetables from my owm garden). I filled up the glasses with beef broth, which I am cooking almost daily to use up the bones in my freezer.

I am going back and forth between cooking broth and using it to pressure can soup or goulash and pressure canning meat on its own.

Also the broth on its own gets canned for later usage in lasagne or some thing else. I hope to reduce what is in the freezer to what will fit into one freezer and I can turn one freezer of. My shelf is getting filled nicely by now.

Some where in between I managed to plant the garlic for next year’s harvest. Just on time before the big frost came and froze the soil. Only my flower bulbs are still in storage. Hopefully we will have a mild period before we leave, so I can also plant these and enjoy the flowers next spring when we get back from our journey.

Pressure canning pumpkin soup

I have no adequate storage for my pumpkins, so I started pressure canning some

Our barn only has 2°C at the moment which is not ideal to store pumpkin. As I understand from searching in the internet they should be stored by room temperature. I have a lot of pumpkin from the garden and it would be a waste to let them go bad. I have already cooked some in the oven, pureed them and froze the puree portioned for pumpkin pie and pumpkin pancakes. I do not like just putting everything in the freezer. It uses power and if there would be a black out everything in the freezer could turn bad. And since we are going to travel for a longer period of time and I can not take the freezer with me, I am trying to can some of the pumpkin.

I am starting with using pumpkin for soup. This way I will have some convenience food and I can use some other vegetables from the garden. I cut up 2 pumpkins (selecting some seed for sowing next year), some onions, a bit of garlic (the garlic is very strong in taste), carrots and some root celery. This was topped of with freshly cooked bone broth from chicken carcases from chicken we had bought and took the meat of to pressure can. I filled 5 big jars and 5 small jars, to fill up the canner as much as it can take.

The pressure canner guide says to pre cook the pumpkin for 2 minutes. I did not do that and I do hope this will not get me into trouble. The pumpkin has the longest pressure canning time of all of the ingredients, so that is the time I went by.

Shortly after canning the soup we tried some. The taste is not quite as I wanted it, but to use up as much pumpkin as possible I left out the leek and turnip. These obviously change the taste. When I find the time I might do another round of soup and at the leek and turnip. I am going to pressure can the pumpkin by it self and do it by the book this time. This way I have pumpkin for puree to make pumpkin pie and pumpkin pancakes while we are travelling.

For the pumpkins which I do not manage to process before we leave, I will store these underneath the seating area in our caravan and hope they will stay good until I manage to use them up freshly.

Maybe you have noticed some toy’s in the background of my pictures. Well I do have our children around at all times and of course pay attention nothing happens while I am cooking/ pressure canning.

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