Renovating a dining table

From plant table to dining table for our Tiny House

I have used this nice table outside throughout the summer. It is a very sturdy table and we had made a new table top out of spruce wood for it this spring. I want to use this table in our Tiny House as a dining table. The metal frame is a bit rusty and the wood needs to be sanded and waxed, so the table can be cleaned after dinner, etc.

First we brought the metal frame inside the Tiny House, so I could lightly sand and then paint it. It is to cold outside to paint. The table top is brought into the shop for a thorough sanding.

After 2 coats of paint I was happy with the colour

Then the sanded table top was brought into the Tiny House.

I treaded the wood with a wax to give it some protection and to give it a nice shine.

This table is not very spectacular, but we like it and it only cost a bit of paint and some wax.

We love the appearance of the wood. After a season outside the wood is weathered and after sanding the saw marks from the milling appear clearly. The table top has a very rustic look which we love.