We had a big mobile sawmill in the yard

One week of heavy duty work and much to sort out and clean up afterwards

People ordered too much construction wood with us to mill it all our selves, so we organized someone with a mobile sawmill for an entire week. That where 5 days of heavy duty working, but we sawed almost all of our softwood. We only have some larch wood logs which we have to cut into boards left.

We started with 2 small stacks of logs, but right at the beginning of the week we received a lorry with more logs. We cut about 60 M^3.

We where prepared. We cleared a big space in the yard for the sawmill and made space to put all of the cut lumber. We also prepared more than enough spacers. We had a trailer from a local farmer to fill with the sawdust.

The mobile sawmill was automated and could lift the logs on the saw bed it self. Also the logs could be turned as needed. The cutting went relatively quickly and one tractor was standing by to take of the lumber and one tractor brought new logs.

Attached to the sawmill was a big bucket for collecting the sawdust. This bucket was emptied in the trailer. At the end we filled 3 trailers with sawdust, but underneath the sawmill still was enough left behind.

After we finished and where cleaning and packing the sawmill we found a big problem. The plug connection at the sawmill hat shorted out and partially melted. We where lucky we did not have a fire.

Here are some pictures of the chaos left after the sawmill left. The stack of strips on the first picture will be cut into spacers.

This was a lot of work properly stacking and sorting the lumber, but when it is almost finished it looks like this.

We have reduced all of the prepared spacers and still are not quite finished.

Although some lumber is already with the customers, because they where eager the get it. The rounded sides of the logs are happily taken by people for firewood, so from this is also gone.

We also found some artistic peaces of wood where we want to make some decoration with.

Author: beautifulchaosorg

Hi, I am Carolien and I am a Dutch woman trying to build a self sufficient homestead on concrete and rubble. Follow my husband and me on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@straverhomestead9667

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