Cooking a rabbit

We ate our own rabbit

Last spring we got a few rabbits and raised them until fall. When they were nicely grown we had some one butcher them for us, so we can eat them. Our children hat not eaten rabbit before and where keen on trying.

The rabbits where butchered very nicely. All I had to do is give them a rinse. One rabbit we made right after we got them back and the rest went into the freezer for later.

After rinsing I dried the rabbit a bit and all I did for seasoning is put some garlic inside.

Our kids are always fascinated when I prepare a meal like this.

Since I do not have a big enough Dutch oven I had to put the rabbit in a roasting tube on the backing sheet. This functions very well.

Then this goes into the oven by about 180-200°C (350-390°F).

I had it in the oven for 3 hours, which appeared to be a bit long. But that was no problem at all. The bits that where a bit hard we gave to our dogs. They loved it.

Our kids loved the rabbit meat and hardly touched the side dish I had made. We definitely need more rabbits coming spring, so we can eat rabbit more often next year.

Red beets harvest and soup making

A simple soup made out of our own red beets

After a light night frost we started harvesting all of our red beets before the frost makes them useless. We love our red beets as a soup. Even our children eat this soup well, so I thought to shear the simple way I make this soup with you.

All you need are some red beets, an onion, a few garlic cloves, beef broth, a cup of cream and some dill.

Cut the red beets, onion and garlic cloves into cubes and put the vegetables into a cooking pan.

Ad the beef broth so that the vegetables are just submerged.

Bring everything to a boil and simmer for about 15-20 min. until the red beets are softened.

Now blend everything with a hand blender to the consistency you like and ad the cream and the dill to your taste and liking.


I made a bigger batch so after blending I put half in jars to freeze for a later meal

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