Larchwood Goat’s stable

A custom goats stable

I build this beautiful goat’s stable for a customer who wants to start having goat’s and ducks.

This stable has a separate part for storing the food for the goats witch is also a place for some ducks to life. The ducks have a hatch at the side witch opens at the top and turns into a gangway for the ducks to walk over.

I used only Larchwood witch I sawed myself for this stable.

The life edge planking gives it a very nice rustic appearance.

Having experience in keeping goat’s I have made the stable extra strong with extra boards lining the inside so they cannot hit the outer planking lose.

Goat’s (as most people know) are very destructive, so the bottom door is removed when the goat’s are free to explore there meadow.

Due to the stable being on skits it can be moved around easily by a tractor with a front loader.

My customer was very excited when they saw the stable and cannot wait for the stable to be delivered.

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