A few ideas what you can make with zucchini

The zucchini was so abundantly that it was hard to keep up

There are many things you can make with zucchini and we tried a few. Our favourite is backed over with cheese from the oven. Some times a bigger one got filled with browned ground beef, or smaller once just got some bacon and cheese on top.

Pickling chopped zucchini is also very good and helps to preserve. We enjoy these all year.

I had put chopped zucchini in a lasagne. My husband and I loved it, but the kids even refused to try it.

Zucchini in a hash brown is also very good.

The zucchini was also very good in a Thai curry put on spaghetti in stead of rice. I have to admit that I used a store bought Thai curry mix to make the sauce.

And last but not leased I made soup and also just a plain puree to freeze and use in dishes I will make in winter (for example lasagne).

I have to admit that there where so many zucchini’s that I also put some into the compost. For next year I think 2 zucchini plants will do for us.